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The last year and a half has marked a true change in the collection of VAM-identified coins. The prices on coins – from the old and familiar to newly discovered – seem to change from week to week. While we try to maintain a level approach to our listings, it is not always possible. Therefore, there will be huge bargains amongst the listings and coins that you might find cheaper at one of the major auctions. Overall, however, we hope we are fair. The 16th Annual VAMview Retail Price Guide is still available. The expanded publication is once again printed on stout paper and in a format which allows you to write pricing updates in the book as they are reported in the VAM newsletter, The VIEW. Those who buy the book are automatically added to the email list for distribution of The VIEW. The book is a publication that we are proud to have carry the VAMs and More logo. Copies of The VIEW are posted here for viewing and downloading. VAMs and More will try to answer any question you may have about coins, specifically about VAMs and we hope that you will telephone us if you need help. Remember we may add new coins every day. Currently, due to limitations on the web site we use stock photographs; however, if you don’t like a coin after you have received it, you may return it within 10 days for a full refund. We hope to have you join us as a customer or continue as a customer. GOOD HUNTING !!!

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'The VIEW' is the ONLY VAM-specific newsletter available with details of current trends and updates on VAM discoveries & changes, values, pricing, SSDC news and MORE. 'The VIEW' is only available by email from VAMs And More. However, archive copies are available on this website or, through the ANA and on the SSDC Registry site. Stories, information, and suggestions for articles in THE VIEW are always welcome! Please send information to If you don't get The VIEW, just complete the "Subscribe To Our Newsletter".

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All categories for VAM Morgan and Peace Dollars, Net-Graded Dollars, List Coins and Reference Books are indicated across the top speedbar. Other categories can be found at the bottom of the opening page (i.e.: Coin Show updates, News Updates, etc.) We gladly accept PayPal and Check payments on our website. We accept Credit Card payments (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) for phone orders and at Coin Shows.

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